Xbmc library not updating mysql

Posted by / 11-Oct-2017 19:35

Xbmc library not updating mysql

If you need to use a symbolic link for an older build of XBMC I can explain that if there is any interest.

You can do this the easy way by adding a single line to the file for XBMC.

I just put a few config files in the userdata folder and everything is just the way it was before.

HI I need some help configuriong mysql on 3.04 firmware so far i installed mysql-server with those commands -aptitude update -aptitude install mysql-server created password ...You must have already booted the ATV and actually gotten all the way to XBMC so that Sam's scripts will have updated the file system and included the most recent update.Basically, boot all the way once, reboot a couple times and then follow the instructions below.The text and settings are all the same but there are minor differences in where the file is located and what may or may not be in the file already.You will need to add a few lines to the already existing file.

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