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While they might be full of the entitlements of feminism and happy to preach the necessity of equality, men said the opposite sex were simultaneously all too keen to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle almost entirely paid for by their male partners.

One Mail Online reader put it succinctly in response to the article’s question asking why women were finding it so difficult to find a man with whom to settle down: ‘It’s because every man they meet has already been taken for a ride and had his pockets emptied.’So should the old adage ‘Where have all the good men gone? Chris is adamant this is the case —and believes single, middle-aged women in particular should look closer to home when casting blame.

Indeed, after the Mail recently recounted the stories of attractive single women who appeared to have everything, yet said they still couldn’t find a decent man, there was a significant backlash from male readers.

Men told us in their droves that it wasn’t they who were to blame — but women.

They tell me: “I might find another relationship, but even if I do not, I can cope.” ’Meanwhile, Selena Dogg-ett-Jones, a psychosexual and couples’ therapist, sees men as less able to cope with an entirely new dating landscape which has made singletons much pickier about prospective partners.‘If you’re newly divorced, the dating game has changed dramatically; it’s all online now,’ she says.‘People who had finished a long-term relationship or were widowed used to be introduced to someone new at a dinner party.‘But today people will say precisely what they want online.

For example, “I only want to meet someone between 40 and 50”, meaning someone aged 51 will not be considered because they’re not in the right category.

Chris Gray, 57, is tall and attractive with dark hair and blue eyes.I think women who do this don’t respect themselves, and I can’t respect them, either.’Jamie has found himself agreeing with a growing army of single men who make up the online community called MGTOW — Men Going Their Own Way — which has tens of thousands of followers.On this website, disillusioned males come to share relationship problems, their struggles for equal access to children and describe being freer, happier and wealthier for shunning relationships.While women — now so independent in outlook and behaviour — are much less worried than male counterparts about finding a new long-term partner, men are more likely to have come from a relationship they’d rather have kept.‘Women don’t feel quite so trapped in bad relationships.They’ve found a certain liberation over the last 20 years,’ she says.‘Men, however, like the stability of a home life provided for them, their creature comforts, and often don’t know how they’re going to manage except by going into another relationship.‘Women, meanwhile, are not as fearful [of being alone].

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But I’ve found it hard to meet anyone the same as me.‘Some women have asked me to sleep with them on the first night.