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So, for our prime number example, we'd simply replicate the server-side validation event handler as a client-side function in Java Script, resulting in the following client-side code: - are untyped.That is, there is no explicit mention of what data type they are.Imagine that you run a Web site for math nerds and that you have a form for users to provide some personal information to improve your knowledge of your site's demographics.Being math nerds, you may wish to ask them what their favorite prime number is.NET validation controls is that they all provide client-side validation for uplevel browsers.For example, if you visit the live demo with an uplevel browser you'll note that the Compare Validators exhibit client-side validation (enter a value of "bob" into the Text Box and tab out of it to see what I mean), while the Custom Validator does not (try entering a nonprime number, such as 6, into the Text Box - you are not alerted to the fact that the number you entered is not prime until you submit the form).

Numbers like 13, 23, and 37 are prime, for example. NET validation control model to provide validation on the user's entry to ensure that it's prime.One annoying task that most every developer has had to face in the past is form validation.Since forms are an integral part of dynamic, data-driven Web sites, it is essential that a user's query into a form fit the specified guidelines.Realize that there is no downside to providing client-side validation.Regardless of whether or not your Custom Validator provides client-side validation, the server-side validation will always occur. NET validation Web controls.) So, providing client-side validation only has the upside of making your custom validation more friendly for users whose browsers can support the DHTML and Java Script requirements.

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To provide client-side form validation for a Custom Validator you must first write a client-side function that takes two input parameters (for consistencies sake, call them .

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