Updating rubygems nothing to update

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Updating rubygems nothing to update

Rails changes frequently; each application is known to work and serves as your personal “reference implementation.” Support for the project comes from developers who purchase the Capstone Rails Tutorials.These two weekly email newsletters will keep you informed about new Rails releases: You also can follow @rails_apps on Twitter for news.If installation fails, make sure your system is configured properly (look for help on Stack Overflow).Here’s the simplest way to update an application to a new version of Rails.Here’s advice on timing: If you wait too long to upgrade, the community moves on and you’ll find it difficult get help with any issues.

Instead, set up your development environment with multiple versions of Rails so you can easily switch between them.

Nokogiri is a gem that requires compilation for your specific operating system.

As such, if your system environment doesn’t match Nokogiri’s requirements, compilation of Nokogiri will fail.

Notable additions in Rails 5.0 include an option for an Rails 5.0 is the current stable version. You may see: feed is available from the dashboard).

Update to Rails 5.0 as soon as possible so you can keep your application current. As an alternative, use the Gemnasium service which surveys your Git Hub repo and sends email notifications when gem versions change.

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If you neglect to update regularly, upgrading several versions at once may require considerable effort, making it difficult to resolve security vulnerabilities quickly.

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