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Posted by / 24-Jun-2017 17:29

You can download a mostly up-to-date copy of the Store, which requires that you use a file manager (like Amaze File Manager).Refreshing, or removing and re-adding, your Google Account isn’t very hard.Once wiped, restart your device and then reattempt the installation or update.

If users encounter an error code, the routine is often the same, but a few of these require different methods.Whenever you wipe the Google Play Store, it’s also a good idea to do the same with Google Services and Google Framework Services., you may also want to wipe data for Download Manager.Here’s Google’s official instructions (technically, these instructions cover Nexus devices, but they will work for most everyone). Then select the account that’s experiencing issues.WARNING: This will remove your personal data from the device, including messages and other data. If all accounts suffer from the problem, you will need to remove all the accounts.

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Here’s a video on how to remove your account: list of Play Store error codes. Most of these require that the user perform the actions listed above (cache wipe, etc…), although a few are exceptions to this rule.