Simple dating rules for dating a man with a child

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Simple dating

She’ll let you know if she’s not interested, but if she is, you’ll be the one hooking up with a beautiful girl.

If you have crippling sexual anxiety, apply the exercises to overcome it. If you made a good impression on her, then she wants to see you again.

There’s no guy in history that hits it off with every woman he meets, or even the majority of them. Go talk to women: get rejected by some and warmly welcomed by others.

You’ll realize how little rejection matters in the long run.

Being more successful with women isn’t that complex.

I used to spend so much energy analyzing every possible detail and outcome of social interactions.

Again, show your intentions and you’ll get your answer. You want to kiss her so the answer is a resounding yes!

Once you make it clear that you’re interested in being more than a friend (through flirting and physical contact), she’s either going to accept your advances or not. As long as you’re both not having a miserable time, take the shot and see what happens.

What you should be doing is taking that knowledge and repeatedly testing it out, thus developing your social abilities naturally.

And while you’re still frustrated and searching, there will be others who are finally obtaining the romantic life they desire.

They’ve discovered the simple solution that always works — action.

Additionally, you have already unavoidably creeped out someone in your life before and survived. Flirt like crazy, create lots of physical contact, and escalate the situation.

Tell her she looks cute or sexy and hit on her already.

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— Want a no bullshit plan of action to get you started?