Naked lebanon girls

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Naked lebanon girls

An alarming number, given that very few women actually come forward on such a taboo considered topic.Abaad, WILPF’s partner organisation in Lebanon, has been working hard and long to abolish the law which finally took place on Wednesday 16 of August by the parliament.A woman was arrested in Lebanon on Tuesday after allegedly taking a stroll in her birthday suit.Police said Elizabeth Simpson was walking nude down North Cumberland Street.Credits: Hussein Mall/ NYtime Abaad, alongside with other feminist organisations, organised street protests, a play on the topic as well as an installation of hanged wedding dresses in public areas.

Up until yesterday, a law in Lebanon exonerated the rapist if he marries his victim (Article 522 of the penal code).Simpson reportedly got frustrated when she couldn't find a map in her car, so she got out and started walking, taking her clothes off.Simpson told police she was aware of her actions and knew it was illegal.Every summer is jam-packed with nightlife (which doesn't always happen at night), and it never fails to surprise us with a different flavor, a new set-up, and advertising that's sometimes too raunchy for many to stomach.From outdoor summer music festivals, raves in the mountains, all-night beach parties and Beirut's energetic pub scene, there's never a dull moment.

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