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Leonardo Di Caprio, Hollywood’s biggest stars has always been a charming and successful man; therefore he never fell short of the world’s most beautiful ladies in his company.

He’s a well-known lover of sexy models, and his dating history doesn’t lie.

Over the years, the Oscar winner has romanced Hollywood actresses, Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girls, and Victoria's Secret catwalk queens, all while trying to prove that he's just a regular guy who loves riding bikes around the city, texting his famous friends with club recommendations, and hitting the vape every once in a while.

While plenty of people pine for the love that Leo had with BFF Kate Winslet in Titanic (and sort of wish that they would get together IRL), the 42-year-old isn't really doing anything wrong with sowing his oats — just look at his fellow former Hollywood bachelor George Clooney, who definitely landed a catch when he married wife Amal in 2014.

One more Victoria’s secret model added to the list of Leonardo Di Caprio girlfriends.

The 25 year old who is a model became the latest lady love for Leo.

In fact, about half the time, his romances have ended when his girlfriends have hit that fateful mid-20s mark, aging out of Di Caprio’s love like they’ve hit the upper threshold on the kid’s menu at Cracker Barrel. In 19, he was partnered with Kristen Zang; they were both 22.

Yet another Leonardo Di Caprio girlfriend, the Duo was awarded with the tag of being the most beautiful couple.It is difficult to know the actual number of Leonardo Di Caprio girlfriends & his dating history he had with the ladies, however we have shortlisted the list of Leonardo Di Caprio girlfriends which made headlines round the world.Another Leonardo Di Caprio girlfriend is Naomi, a Fashion designer, Television producer, Fashion Model, Model, and a Supermodel. However Leo was sometimes seen flirting with Naomi in the year 1995.Di Caprio seems particularly committed to the 20-25 age range, though; maybe it’s a very specific trophy-girlfriend archetype he’s looking for, or maybe he’s scared to date someone as grown and wise to the world as he is. He could also be nostalgic for that time in his own life, which was when he hit the big time in But there could be a more complex explanation for Di Caprio’s narrow sexual orientation.In October, we wondered if Di Caprio, who has an eerily identical 21-year-old Swedish doppelgänger, had tried to safeguard his youthful visage in a Benjamin Button–type scheme.

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Kristen after Leo’s success of Romeo Juliet, used to catch up with him at the sets of titanic.

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