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I had come planning to start a family, maybe even build another company here and this animal had decided to trade me off.Three days after my nightmare had started, Wolfgang was taking a shower and I was sure this wasn’t a life I was ready to live.

Wolfgang told me the man was his friend coming to say hi. Wolfgang came back right when the beast was putting on his trousers.After several months of no success I met Wolfgang from Berlin Germany. Wolfgang was an entrepreneur in Berlin, according to what he told me, he was an IT expert and owned a company based in Berlin. We spoke for a few months before he visited me in Nairobi. Things were going well and I was sure this would end at the altar, move to Europe and have my 2.5 children. We went out for dinner at one of the exclusive hotels in Kitisuru, and he went down on one knee to ask for my hand in marriage. He was such a darling, a bit direct but an amazing soul.Surprisingly, even with such a perfect profile, my gut wasn’t as into the whole thing as I’d wished.I’m now back in Nairobi, it’ll soon be a year since I returned.I might not be back to where I was when I left but it’s much better than what Berlin had to offer me.

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Took about a whole year to sort out all the sales and get ready for my move.