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Irene papas dating

She dates Randy Evans (Murray Bartlett), who Michael disapproves of.

When she asks to go away with him and his friends for the weekend, Michael refuses and although he agrees to let her spend the day with them, he tells her if she stays overnight she will not be welcome in the house.

The storyline served as the serial's end-of-year "cliff-hanger" and viewers had to wait until the series returned to find out whether or not Finlay survives.

A writer from The Sun-Herald said that she would survive and be "possibly suffering from brain damage", while Inside Soap's reporter revealed that the character's "life hangs in the balance".

Fin's evening is a disaster when Randy gets drunk and allows one of his friends to make advances on her.

When they discover her, Lou gives her money to stay at the caravan park.Donald checks her records and learns that her mother Irene (Jacqui Phillips) has reported her missing, meaning he is obliged to tell the police where she is.Irene is revealed to be a violent alcoholic but Finlay almost returns to her when Irene attempts to use her younger brother Damian (Matt Doran) as leverage.In one storyline Finlay taking "uppers and downers" to help her studying for her High School Certificate.She explained to Kilroy-Silk that she "really enjoyed" the storyline and found it "worthwhile".

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When Sophie starts dating Simon Fitzgerald (Richard Norton), Fin betrays her confidence and tells him about the pregnancy.