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Dating vintage gucci purse

“Whether this was my business or not, I’d be on e Bay, I’d be going to estate sales, I’d be finding the stuff.” Part of the obsession is that it’s one size fits all, says Desire Smith, author of “Handbag Chic,” a book spanning 200 years of vintage.“But I also think that designer handbags are more diverse and more expensive than they’ve ever been,” she says. It is the capital of vintage.” And just when you thought the closets full of your grandmother’s bags were cheap junk because they aren’t Gucci, take another look. “It was an American manufacturer in the 1940s and ’50s, and they made beautiful bags – Hermes quality, Gucci quality. And they’re very well priced.” Koret bags can range from 5 for a broadtail purse to 5 for an alligator handbag.Bag them if you spot one like this tigerhead clasp evening bag at Clutch, 5.* Crystal beaded handbags: Not all are ancient, like from the ’20s, many are from the ’50 or ’60s. The beads themselves are better quality.” Because new Judith Lieber commands such high prices, this category is in demand.And purses are an obsession with Casas, so that worked out nicely.She has been amassing vintage bags for 20 years and has a personal collection of “200 or 250” which she rotates – and now she has a bigger showcase to unload the churn.“You see the trends come and go so quickly, it’s like wildfire,” says Elisa Casas, owner of Clutch, a new purveyor of vintage purse porn in No LIta.

“You’re paying for someone’s vision,” says Elisa Casas, owner of Nolita’s Clutch store.

“I never did ’80s before, but suddenly it feels right.” In the same vein of the era, she is also carrying clutches with changeable painted acrylic panels, called Moon Bags, from Patricia Smith, a slouch bag from Carlos Falchi, and shredded deerskin Erde bags from Maine, a trend she says is on the come up for summer going in to fall.

She also points out a brown patchwork bag by Char, a company where all their leather work was done by hand, using a lot of inlaid patchwork technique. Certain types of people want to be more individualistic, more fashion-forward people.” Are you that certain type?

Behold, the four new ways to tote your arm candy, according to Gucci.

But now Gucci has models sporting studded and embellished bags around their waists for the Milan runway show, and it looks like they’re here to stay.

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I would pay these prices myself.” * Join the auction: Try Doyle’s Couture, Textiles and Accessories auction, held twice a year.

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