Dating ibanez jems

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Dating ibanez jems

The custom shop is amazing and the craftsmen ship is unbelievable!!!If you have put your money down you will not be disappointed!We purchased it in sheets that were a little bigger than a guitar body pre cut.

I acually wanted to meet this guy when I was in Japan. When I first started doing them I kept up with each one with a photo and a stamp .

There had to be pigment mixed into the paint to hold it onto the guitar as well as a carrier. We did a few extras over and above the 300 for Steve and replacement bodies and necks just incase one of you wild players got too crazy lol!! is a bit thinner (front to back) than the traditional JEM neck as requested by Steve Vai.

If you purchase a canvas you get a picture of myself and someone mixing [the blood] in to the color. Also just in case there were any production problems (hey catch this body im done with the electronics) only kidding! It is described as unique to the JEM but "kind of a Wizard neck at the nut but not at the 12th fret".

JEM77BRMR Note - Dubbed the "Bad Horsie" in Ibanez' 2005 literature, this guitar is a production version of the mirror-finish JEM Vai has been playing for a a few years now.

The top is a vinyl mirror, like what is featured on the pickguards of the UV777BK and JEM7DBK.

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