Dating a guy with a kid on the way

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I am sorry if i offended anybody by using the word "baggage". I wrongly used the word meaning to describe how i was going through a separation and pending divorce down the line.

In my eyes i think alot of women may view this as baggage. The most important part of my life right now is my daughter.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

I certainly hope this is a temporary adjustment of returning home coupled with his father having a new girlfriend. He might not make all the right choices in how to handle his son, but he and I have really found something and are grateful we are in each other's lives. Susan: : Sit that wonderful man down and let him know that if his son continues to interact with you in such a snotty way, it could put a crimp in this relationship, which you'd hate to happen.

No ultimatums, just sharing that you're at a loss as to what else to do to keep things running smoothly.

Thanks for reading I'm glad to see how you feel about children.

However, as a guy (and I can even tell this as a guy), in general this has nothing at all to do with your children.1) Yes, there might be some women that only want to date other guys who do not have children.

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