Ca etrust antivirus not updating

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Ca etrust antivirus not updating

if you don't know which firewall you've installed, download & run trollys enum process and post its results in here...

I think e Trust anti-virus uses your browser to do its auto-updates, so fixing the firewall to allow firefox to access the internet may get that working.

The browser works w/o effort so the firewall (if any) is allowing the new version of firefox through to the net.

The auto update feature in the etrust anti-virus keeps giving error messages. I'm not the computer geek so a "run program" box might help!

If you want to contact Mozilla, try the Feedback site...

people are out here like me who are not computer geeks and are forced to use computers.... at least what worked yesterday should work today....

I have run two different online antivirus scanners, Windows Live One Care and Trend Micro House Call and none have reported an infection.

(I work offsite daily) but since they know nothing about ading Linux would be my burden.... One icon has the letters 'AV' (antivirus), the other has the letters 'EZ' (firewall).

Been using the EZ Armor package for a few years now. When I double click on the 'EZ' icon (not the 'AV'), the firewall program opens up and the instructions from your top post in this thread work perfectly, as in, there's the Lock icon, there's the 'Program Control', there's the 'Generic Host Process for Win32', etc.

Double click the EZ Firewall icon in the system tray 2. Again, ensure that the permissions under 'Access' and 'Server' have a green check mark (allow). Look for Application Layer Gateway, ensure 'Access' and 'Server' have check marks. You can remove them by right click the name and selecting remove from the popup window. Once this is done, try accessing the internet again.

Ensure that the ‘Lock’ icon at the top is in the unlocked position. To the left of the window, click ‘Program Control’ 4. You should get a firewall alert asking for access permission to allow the processes mentioned above, please allow them, this should get your internet working again.

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here are the results: [System Process] System \System Root\System32\(Microsoft Corporation / Client Server Runtime Process) \?? / Dashboard Module) C:\Program Files\Messenger\(Microsoft Corporation / Windows Messenger) C:\WINDOWS\system32\(Microsoft Corporation / CTF Loader) C:\Program Files\Yahoo! Music Engine\C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\(Mozilla Corporation / Firefox) C:\WINDOWS\(Microsoft Corporation / Windows Explorer) C:\Documents and Settings\House\My Documents\Downloads\Enum (Me, myself and I / Enum Process) let me know what you see here.

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