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Accommodating students with

According to Garnett (1992), the difficulty is manifested in conceptual understanding, counting sequences, written number symbol systems, the language of math, basic number facts, procedural steps of computation, application of arithmetic skills, and problem-solving."Mathematics learning disabilities do not often occur with clarity and simplicity.After he understands the concepts, the instructor can develop some pocket-sized math fact charts that Timothy can rely on when needed.She should use intensive practice with motivational games and reading material, not forgetting that manipulatives are always useful.

When his frustration level peaks, he often becomes belligerent and leaves class.

She has never paid a bill, used a checkbook or credit card, or made a transaction at a bank.

According to Bernadette, "math was her least favorite subject." Bernadette was brought to the Adult Center by one of her children who is employed at the school.

The term learning disabilities is often misused and applied to students who learn in different ways.

Some people think of learning disabilities as something of short duration that can be cured with help.

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Using diverse approaches, specific emphases, and strategies and modifications that capitalize on students' strengths and minimize their weaknesses will help them to compete successfully in ABE classes.